In between working out, running kids to school, and cleaning up the house, you might manage to squeeze in a call to your dental office to set up appointments for your entire family. Unfortunately, your crew might start to whine the instant you utter the word "dentist" over the dinner table. Helping your family to have a positive outlook about dental care isn't always easy, but by being smart about your approach, you might encounter fewer complaints. Here are a couple of creative ways to persuade your family to visit the dentist:

1: Small Children

For a small child, the idea of letting a stranger scrub their teeth can be especially terrifying. Here are a few tips that might help your younger kids to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience:

  • Acclimate Your Kids to the Office: To warm your kids up to the idea of dental visits, let them tag along during your appointment. While your teeth are getting cleaned, your tiny tot can make friends with hygienists, watch the neat tools, and score a few free toys. When they feel familiar with a space, they might be more likely to get in the car for their checkup.   
  • Talk Up That Tote Bag: Everyone likes a little swag. If your dentist sends people home with little plastic tote bags full of dental hygiene samples, make sure to mention it to your kids.
  • Give Them Buying Power: After that dental checkup, let your child pick out their own brightly colored flossers, toothbrush, and kid-friendly toothpaste. That way, they can brush their teeth in style. 

One of the best tactics for keeping your child calm at the dentist is to take them regularly. Kids over the age of two should be visiting the dentist for regular checkups every six months.

2: Teenagers

You might be able to pick up your four-year-old and put them in the car for that dental trip, but teenagers can be a little more difficult to persuade. Fortunately, you might be able to tip the scales in your favor by getting in your teenager's head. Here are two ways to do that:

  • Offer Financial Incentives: Nothing is more alluring to a teenager than the idea of having their own money; especially if they aren't old enough to work a regular hourly job. To capitalize on this fact, consider offering financial incentives for a positive dental checkup. For example, you could give your teenager $2 for every cavity-free tooth.
  • Create Contests: Teenagers are naturally receptive to competition. In fact, one 2014 social media poll discovered that 92.2% of teenagers stated that they were motivated by competition. To make dental visits a little more interesting, create contests between your teenagers. For example, you could give the teen with the best dental checkup an extended curfew for the month. 

If your teenager feels like something is in it for them, they might be more likely to enjoy their upcoming appointment.

3: Spouses

Talking your children into visiting the dentist is one thing, but convincing your spouse might seem impossible. Here are a few things you should try: 

  • Find a Deal: Sometimes adults avoid the dentist simply because they don't want to face a steep bill a few weeks down the road. However, if you can find a great deal on dental care, your spouse might be more likely to make an appointment. Look around for current promotions and loyalty programs that could take the edge off of dental expenses.
  • Appeal to their Vanity: Everyone likes to look great, which is why you should talk up the cosmetic benefits of dental care. Appeal to your spouses' vanity by mentioning in-office laser whitening, pain-free dental bonding, and invisible orthodontic appliances.

Most importantly, make sure that your spouse knows that their dental care is important to you. When your hubby knows that you care, they might be more willing to take time out of their day for that exam.  

If you can help your family to have a more positive outlook about dental care, you might be able to protect your children from painful decay, and keep your spouse looking like a million bucks. Check out this go to website for more information.