Whether you've just had a root canal or, you're tooth has shattered because of a large, weakened filling, dental crowns are necessary to protect the tooth and prevent it from needing to be pulled. Most dental crown treatments, however, require a few visits and a long waiting period while the crown is crafted in the lab. Advancements in cosmetic dentistry, however, have made it possible for dentists to craft a dental crown faster, so you can get back your beautiful smile in a snap.

How Long Does a One-Day Dental Crown Take?

Despite the name, one-day dental crowns don't really take a day to craft, but they do take just one visit, and the process takes less than two hours. The reason dentists can do this so quickly is because they have 3D printers in the office that actually print the crown while you wait. In order to get a one-day crown, you'll need to find a dentist who has one of these 3D printers.

What Is The Process for a One-Day Dental Crown?

To start, your dentist numbs your mouth and shapes the tooth so the crown will fit. With traditional crowns, this is when an impression is made to be sent to the lab for crafting. With one-day crowns, however, a special camera creates a 3D image of the tooth and captures all the measurements. This image is transmitted to the printer to print the crown. Once the crown is finished printing, the dentist uses dental cement to attach it to the affected tooth, and you're done.

What Are the Results of One-Day Dental Crowns?

The results of one-day dental crowns are quite good. The crowns fit well, look good and last a long time. Unfortunately, cosmetically, the results are not as good as traditional crowns. Traditional crowns can be made with porcelain to perfectly match the translucency of a natural tooth. One-day crowns aren't printed with porcelain, so while they are white and straight, they don't look exactly like your natural teeth. Dentists can add some special dental paint to the tooth to capture this look, but it still isn't as good as traditional porcelain crowns.

What Teeth are Good Candidates for One-Day Dental Crowns?

Any tooth can be restored with a one-day dental crown, but because the results aren't as good as traditional crowns, they are best for back teeth. Especially if appearance is extremely important to you, it's best to restore front damaged teeth with traditional crowns.

Do One-Day Dental Crowns Cost More?

The technology needed to print one-day dental crowns is expensive for dentists to purchase, costing about $100,000. Ultimately, however, it ends up saving them money on lab costs because they have to use the lab less often, allowing the system to eventually pay for itself. As a result, most dentists don't charge more for one-day dental crowns than they do for traditional crowns.

Does Insurance Cover One-Day Dental Crowns?

Whether insurance covers one-day dental crowns depends on your insurance, but most insurance that covers crowns covers one-day dental crowns. It's the same procedure; it's just done faster. Keep in mind, however, that some insurance companies only cover metal crowns on back teeth, so you may not get the coverage you desire.

No longer do you have to wait weeks to get that beautiful dental crown you need to protect your tooth. With one-day dental crowns, get back your beautiful smile in just one visit. If you are ready to discover the benefits of one-day dental crowns first hand, contact a dentist in your area who offers this great procedure, and schedule a consultation.