Anyone who has had a toothache agrees that tooth pain is one of the worst kinds of pain in the entire world. While you can go to the emergency room day or night for serious pain throughout the rest of your body, there isn't always much you can do for a toothache after hours or without a good chunk of money in your bank account. Many natural remedies can temporarily reduce tooth pain. It should never be a permanent substitute for a toothache, but the remedies below will keep you comfortable until you can go to the dentist.


Salt water works well for killing harmful bacteria and removing debris stuck in your teeth. Salt water can remove some of the pain by slightly numbing the area and reduce swelling as well. Even if it doesn't work well for the pain, it's good to rinse your mouth with saltwater first and then try one of the other remedies if needed. Boil a cup of water and dissolve a teaspoon of salt inside of it. Swish it around your mouth for about 30 seconds and spit it into the sink. Your pain may be gone, but if not, you can immediately try another remedy.

Clove oil

Clove oil is a popular option when it comes to tooth pain. You can buy clove oil at your local pharmacy or health store. You can even find over the counter dental kits that contain clove oil for you tooth pain. If you buy pure clove oil, slightly dilute it with water and put it on your aching tooth. You'll want one drop of water for every drop of clove oil that you use.

If you have whole cloves in your home and you don't want to go to the store to buy clove oil, the whole cloves will work too. Put a clove in your mouth and chew it until the oil comes out. You'll know the oil is being released because it will give you a sudden, bitter taste. If the pain is too bad to chew the clove, you can use a knife or other tools around your kitchen to grind it up. Rub the ground clove around your aching tooth.

Wait about five minutes, and then rinse your mouth out with water. The bitter taste will subside quickly after rinsing, but the analgesic effect from the cloves should last a few hours. Once the pain returns, you can repeat the process..


Peppermint tea is an easy and tasty way to reduce your tooth pain. You can make your own by simply boiling peppermint leaves. Let the leaves steep for about 20 minutes to ensure you receive as much of the properties from the peppermint as possible. Let the tea cool and then swish it around in your mouth. The peppermint will numb the pain. You can use it as often as needed to keep your tooth pain at a minimum.

Another way to use peppermint is with peppermint essential oil.  You only need one or two drops of peppermint oil for your toothache. Dilute your peppermint oil with a carrier oil. Essential oils are strong and can be irritating, so carrier oils are recommended. Sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil are the most popular types of carrier oil. However, there are several different kinds that will work well too. Once you dilute your peppermint oil, put one or two drops onto your tooth.

Tooth pain can be debilitating and you shouldn't have to be in pain until you can see a dentist. Try out these remedies to see what works best for you. For more information on treating toothache, contact a local dentist or visit