If you are a vampire fanatic, you probably own a few pairs of temporary vampire fangs. Some fans even go as far as getting custom-fit fangs constructed or permanently altering their teeth to have a more fang-like appearance. If this is something you want to have done, it is important to consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist about your options and choose an option that gives you the appearance you desire without compromising your dental health. The following five tips will help you navigate the world of permanent and semi-permanent fangs. 

Consider Removable and Permanent Options

If you are dedicated to your vampire lifestyle, you may want a permanent fang solution, such as tooth filing, crowns, or pointed veneers. However, there are many removable options that may be better for your dental health. For example, you can have a removable overlay created that is worn the same way you would wear a retainer. This would allow you to keep your natural teeth and be able to wear your fangs for an extended period of time. However, eating with this type of device can be difficult, and it is important to regularly remove your fangs to thoroughly brush your teeth and prevent decay.  

Discuss How Much Of Your Natural Teeth Will Have to Be Removed and How This May Affect Your Dental Health 

In general, the American Dental Association recommends against permanent alterations of your teeth that could weaken them. This includes unnecessary filing. Before making any long-term decision, discuss what the potential side-effects of your fangs with your dentist and opt for the least invasive option that will give you the look that you want. You should also discuss the process and cost of having the process reversed if you want to get rid of your fangs in the future. 

Reduce Sores Inside Your Lips 

When you first get your fangs, they may rub against the inside of your lips and cause sores. This is similar to the way that new braces can cause mouth sores and you can use many of the same methods to treat these sores. For example, salt water rinses or topical anesthetic can relieve your discomfort while the sores heal and your mouth adjusts to the new shape of your teeth. 

Over time, your mouth should adjust to your new teeth. If you develop chronic sores that last for several months, you should consult your dentist about adjusting the shape of your fangs to fit your bite better. 

Work With an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist

Although vampires are popular, not many people make the commitment to permanent or professionally constructed fangs. This means that not many dentists have experience constructing them. An experienced cosmetic dentist will most likely have more experience with the types of materials you need for your teeth and will be able to give you more creative options for creating your fangs. They will likely have the equipment to construct fangs in their office as opposed to ordering from a laboratory. They will also be more likely to be able to create a seamless appearance between your fangs and your natural teeth. 

Choose Smaller Fangs for Long-term Wear 

While large fangs will be more noticeable and can be great for temporary wear at a party, if you plan to use your fangs on a daily basis or place permanent fangs, you should consider smaller, more subtle fangs. A slight sharpening of your teeth can give you a fang-like appearance without harming your bite or causing damage to your lips and gums. 

You should keep in mind that not all dentists will place permanent fangs. If your dentist recommends a semi-permanent or removable option, you should consider their expertise and take note of the risks that they are trying to prevent.  For more information, visit websites like http://www.DentistNova.com.