If you need to have one or more of your natural teeth replaced, then you can replace them with different types of options. You can learn about some of the most common options and their features by reading the information offered here:

Partial dentures: You can go with partial dentures to replace some of your teeth. Partial dentures can be one of the more affordable options, and they can be easier on you than getting some of the more invasive replacements. Dentures can be quickly taken out any time you want a little break from them and so you can clean them. You will also want to take them out and soak them when you are asleep.

Bridges: If you are missing one or more teeth and you also have some that should have crowns put on them, then it may be a good idea to go with a bridge. This will offer you one piece that will put crowns on some teeth and use them as anchors for other replacement teeth that will be situated where you are missing your other teeth. This is a permanent replacement option, and this means that once it is in place it cannot come out.

Implants: A dental implant is one of the more invasive options you may decide to go with. It can also be more expensive, and it will generally be put in with different steps, and that is usually a minimum of three steps. You will need to take time to heal from some of these steps. Before it is determined whether or not you can even go with dental implants, the dentist will need to make sure you have the appropriate bone density in your jaw and verify that you won't have a problem healing up quickly after the procedures. If you do go with implants, then know that you will have a replacement that is fused right to your jaw and that is the next closest thing to your actual real teeth.


You may go in to your dentist feeling like you know exactly what you want, but you should instead keep an open mind and really listen to their suggestions. They will have the whole picture regarding your needs and your overall dental health. Once you have your missing teeth replaced, you will feel much better about your appearance and also be able to enjoy the other rewards, like eating easier and speaking better.