If you have a child, then you likely go through the daily battle of forcing your son or daughter to brush their teeth. This is an absolute must if you do not want your child to develop cavities. However, you may notice that your child has bad breath. While this may seem like a very adult problem to have, children do develop bad breath. If you want to know why this is likely happening, keep reading.

Mouth Breathing

If you notice your child breathing through his or her mouth instead of the nose, then this may be a significant reason for the bad breath. This causes the mouth to dry out and saliva is not able to naturally rinse away the bits of food and bacteria that thrive in the moist environment. Bacteria colonies then develop more aggressively. As the bacteria feed on plaque and other food bits, they release gases that smell. 

The best way to stop your child's breath from smelling is to make sure they breathe naturally through the nose. If your child is stuffy, then the nasal passages may be swollen due to an allergy problem. Speak with your pediatrician about possibly prescribing a nasal spray. Steroid sprays can reduce swelling significantly and they are safe for kids. 

If you want to go the natural route, then try a saline rinse or a saline spray. 

Too Many Carbohydrates

If you know anything about bacteria and the mouth, then you understand that the microorganisms feed off the sugars that are left behind after you eat. If your child eats a lot of sugary foods, then this can increase the rate that bacteria are able to multiply, feed, and create noxious byproducts. 

Not only is a sugar bad when it comes to the formation of bad breath, and cavities, but so are carbohydrates. Enzymes in your saliva break down simple carbohydrates and allow them to be eaten by the microorganisms in your mouth. Foods like crackers, cereals, and white bread contain the simple carbohydrates and contribute to bad breath.

Try to limit the amount of simple carbohydrates your child eats and opt for complex carbohydrate foods instead. Food items with oats and whole grains are a good substitute. When your child eats any sugary or carbohydrate rich food, they should rinse the mouth out with water to get rid of the plaque that clings to the teeth. Sugar-free gum with xylitol can encourage the production of saliva and loosen plaque too, so give your child a piece midday to keep bad breath at bay. 

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