A little bit of whitening drop can a drastic affect on the brightness of your smile. In addition, a little drop of whitening gel on your gum tissue can cause irritation. If you are not careful or are new to teeth whitening it can be easy to experience a number of instances involving gum irritation. While the irritation is not permanent, it can take some time before it heals and goes away. While whitening gel can come in contact with your gum tissue in a number of different ways there are a number of steps that help to minimize these chances. While time is usually the best way to overcome soft tissue irritation, there are a few natural oils that will help to offer some relief.

Borage Seed Oil

Borage seed oil is considered to be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is often used to treat skin irritation and can be used on the gum tissue. In order to borage seed oil, simply warm up the oil in a bath of hot water on your stove. Once warm, use a clean q tip to dab a few drops of borage seed oil into the irritated area. Try your best to avoid drinking or eating during this time. You want to make sure that the oil is absorbed into your skin as well as possible.  Repeat this process throughout the day in order to help ease any pain and discomfort.

Tamanu Oil

You may be familiar with tamanu oil because it is commonly used in skin and beauty products. The oil is a staple in hair care and skin care because it soothes and softens irritated skin and scalp. Tamanu oil works well to do this because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. You can use tamanu oil to treat your skin irritation by soaking a cotton ball in the oil. Hold the soaked cotton ball against your irritated skin for several minutes, then remove the cotton ball. Repeat this process off and on for at least an hour. You should notice a difference in your soft tissue by the end of the day. Just like borage seed oil, you should avoid eating or drinking while using tamanu oil to treat your skin. This will increase your chances of the oil being absorbed into the irritated areas.

Soft tissue irritation caused by whitening gel can often last for days if nothing is done to treat it quickly. Therefore, use these natural oils to help soothe and heal and discomfort. For more information, contact a local cosmetic dentist.