It is scary enough as adults to go to the dentist sometimes, so you can imagine how scary it is for a child. They are in an unfamiliar environment filled with people, noises, and equipment all around them. It is bound to scare kids to some degree. But there are ways to help them get through that first appointment.

Starting Young

The younger the child is, the better they will adapt to the dentist. Most children learn to fear things like the dentist, but if they are taught early that the dentist is there to help them, it can foster a different feeling for going to the dentist. The trips to the dentist will be easier on them and less stressful on Mom and Dad as well.

Talk To Your Child Before The Visit

It is important that you take the time to talk with your children before the visit, but don't give them too much to think about. Explaining the entire visit from start to finish will have the child focusing on that and nothing else. Mention it briefly, treat it like any other doctor visit, and keep the information to a minimum. If they have questions, answer them, but keep the conversation light and simple. Tell them things like, "the dentist is going to count how many teeth you have" or "he needs to make sure your smile is working perfectly." Simple phrases that will not scare the child are always the best option.

Don't Take Them To Your Appointments

If you are considering taking your child with you to "see how mommy does it," avoid the temptation. The appointment is going to be very different, so your child won't get to see what will happen when they go to the dentist,—only what happens when you go. Their appointment will be very different, and letting them sit in with you at your appointment is likely to induce stress that may make them resistant to going to their own appointment. While the reason is understandable, including them in your dental appointment is more than likely going to create a larger problem that you already have.

Be Prepared For Resistance

It is normally that there will be some amount of resistance to the going to the dentist. Small children may be fussy and upset about being at the dentist, but a good pediatric dentist will be prepared for some level of this. They have likely seen it all before and can deal with it. Stay calm and let them work with your child through the process, unless they tell you otherwise.

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