The loss of teeth can be a problem that many people will experience as they age or after serious accidents. Addressing the cosmetic problems and functional issues that can be attributed to tooth loss will require a patient to know the basics concerning the various tooth replacement options that can be used to address this serious tooth placement issue.

Can You Use Dentures If You Still Have A Few Or More Of Your Teeth Remaining?

Dentures can be a highly effective solution for those that have lost either all or the majority of their teeth. Many people will assume that dentures are only for those that have lost all of their natural teeth. Yet, it is a reality that many patients may retain at least a few of their teeth. Fortunately, dentures can still be a highly effective solution for those that retain a few of their teeth. In fact, these patients may benefit from having these teeth remaining as they can serve to anchor the dentures when they are in the mouth.

Will Your Dentures Be Ready On The Same Day?

Individuals that find themselves needing dentures will likely want to have these devices ready as soon as possible. While it may be possible for you to be provided with temporary dentures on the same day, your final set of dentures will likely take at least a week or longer to be complete. This is due to the reality that every patient's mouth will have slightly different dimensions, and this means the dentures needs to be custom made for each patient. Luckily, the temporary dentures will be an effective and comfortable solution until your final set are completed.

Are Dentures Damage Prone?

Investing in a set of dentures can be a major expense, but there can be no price to having the full functionality of your mouth and the ability to smile with confidence. While dentures are highly durable, there are a few steps that should be followed to prevent them from being likely to experience significant damage. More precisely, this will involve the need to have the dentures serviced every year so that any loose teeth can be secured and any warping of the dentures corrected. Furthermore, you may want to buy a protective case for when you are not using the dentures. In the rare event that you notice a structural problem with your dentures, you will want to schedule to have the repaired as soon as it is possible to limit the potential repair costs.