Dentists are trained to care for the teeth of patients of all ages, but there are a few good reasons parents are inclined to put their trust in pediatric dentistry. Children are more like to fear the unknown and having just a single bad experience can make every subsequent trip to the dentist's chair a battle of epic proportions. Additionally, pediatric dentistry clinics are simply more fun for parents, their children and the members of staff as they work together meeting significant milestones and share information on oral health and hygiene that will last through adulthood. Next are three more reasons that parents primarily consider when choosing to take their children to pediatric dentists.

1. Unmatched Pediatric Oral Care Expertise - Dentists who specialize in caring for younger patients generally do so because they enjoy working with children. Pediatric dentists are also likely to hire oral hygienists, receptionists and assistants who are also able to talk to children easily as well as demonstrate both patience and care when it comes to their work related duties. A dentist who has spent many years caring for pediatric patients can quickly locate oral defects, identify childhood diseases and generally offer a level of care that is unrivaled by their peers who may operate general dental practices.

2. Ease of Referral to Pediatric Orthodontists - At some point your child might need braces or need to visit an orthodontist because of concerns spotted within their last x-ray results. Since you want your child to have a good experience each and every time you schedule an appointment with a health professional, going to an orthodontist who works primarily with children can make the process more pleasant for you and your children.

3. Greater Likelihood Of Special Accommodations - Once you get to know the staff at your child's pediatric dentistry clinic, you may be able to ask for various requests that you wouldn't normally expect of a general dentistry practice. One example of this might be asking if your child's pediatric dentist can order a specific flavor of fluoride treatment that your child prefers. It might seem like just a small favor to ask, but the fact of the matter is that a pediatric dentistry clinic that you and your family have been visiting some time is much more likely to make special accommodations for your child.

Since you will be seeing your child's dentists many times over the years, you should pick one that is friendly, knowledgeable and specializes in treating adolescents. Going this route may also help your child to have a better respect for dental care in general.

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