If you're interested in having your teeth whitened, it can be tempting to pick up a kit from the store and attempting to do it yourself. While this is a common thing for people to do, the results may not be quite what you were hoping for. There are some advantages in life to getting help from a professional, and tooth whitening is no exception. Here are three advantages to getting your teeth whitened by a dentist:


Most women wear makeup at least for special occasions, and some men have even begun to, as well. It's fairly common for people who want to wear makeup to get their teeth whitened. Doing so can allow you to wear as many shades of lipcolor as you like without having them accidentally accentuate a hidden yellowish tone in your teeth.

Unfortunately, it's harder to control the shade you end up with if you whiten your teeth at home. If your teeth aren't white enough, it's often not safe to try and whiten your teeth again right away. Having to wait to get the color you want is frustrating. Thankfully, dentists can help you choose a precise shade of white and whiten your teeth accordingly. In one visit, you'll have the color you want.

Avoiding Day-Glo White

Some people want their teeth to be blindingly white, but many others want a natural, healthy shade that doesn't advertise that you've had your teeth whitened. If you count yourself among them, seeing a dentist really is the way to go.

Like the above problem, controlling the shade you end up with at home is extremely difficult. Since most kits are designed to provide the maximum whiteness possible, you could end up with extremely white teeth. However, by visiting a dentist, you can have your teeth whitening be as subtle as you'd like.


Last, but most importantly, getting a dentist to do your teeth whitening is simply safer. At-home kits often contain harsh and abrasive materials that can harm your enamel. They can also potentially damage your gums, leaving you sensitive and sore for days afterward.

Dentists are not only professionals and have tons of experience in whitening teeth, but they take steps to protect your teeth and gums from the whitening process. You can count on leaving the dentist's office with a gleaming smile and none of the discomfort and sensitivity you would get at home.

If you want control over your teeth whitening process and the safest treatment possible, it just makes sense to have a dentist perform the procedure. Talk to a cosmetic dentist about teeth whitening to become happier with your smile immediately.