You took the plunge and decided to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Now that you have a beautiful smile that you can proud of, you will need to take some time to recuperate after the procedure and care for your mouth and implants. The tips below will help you grow accustomed to the new implants and use them in the same manner as real teeth. 

Follow Instructions Your Dental Provider Gives You

After receiving implants, your dental provider will inform you of steps that can be taken to ensure that your mouth heals properly and you are not burdened with excruciating discomfort. Read over the instructions before heading home and ask the dentist to clarify any instructions that you do not understand.

Be prepared to experience swelling in your mouth that may also result in your facial skin appearing puffy. Use warm compresses to reduce bloating and avoid clenching your teeth or talking incessantly, which could lead to discomfort.

Avoid Foods Or Beverages That Could Irritate Your Gums

Eat soft foods for several days after receiving implants. Bland items that do not contain spices or high amounts of sugar will not irritate your gumline which could lead to an infection or difficulty sleeping.

Drink plenty of water and lukewarm beverages, such as weak tea or unsweetened juices. Do not push yourself to chew food if you are uncomfortable doing so. Instead wait for your mouth to heal and sip warm cups of broth or soup instead. 

Floss Daily And Use A Soft-Bristled Brush

Floss daily and use a soft-bristled brush to clean your implants. If your gumline is sensitive and standard toothpastes result in discomfort switch to a toothpaste variety that is designed for sensitive mouths. Stare in a mirror as you brush the implants and get into the habit of cleaning the surface of each implant after each meal.

Avoid eating dark-colored foods or drinking dark-colored beverages, which could discolor your implants. Care for your natural teeth on a consistent basis as well. If you experience any unusual symptoms that are making it difficult for you to focus on anything other than your mouth, do not hesitate to contact your dental provider.

Most likely, your dentist will make an appointment to see you in a timely manner. During your appointment, provide concise details associated with the symptoms that you are experiencing. After a dentist visually inspects the implants, they will provide you with a course of action that will assist with eliminating the symptoms. For more information, contact companies like Legacy Dental Arts.