Fearing the dentist is a fairly common fear that people have. It's an anxiety that affects not just young children, but adults as well. Fearing the dentist may stop you from going in for your twice-yearly checkups. Skipping these checkups may result in poor oral health and other oral issues. Getting over this fear of the dentist is important to your oral health. See below for tips on how you can overcome your fear.

Take Someone With You

When you go to the dentist, don't go alone. Take a friend, spouse or significant other with you to your appointment to help keep you calm. If you aren't able to take someone with you, bring headphones and music with you so you can listen to the music to help take your mind off of what is going on in your mouth. Be sure to talk it over with your dentist office first to be sure either of these are OK with them.

Talk With A Therapist

Before your appointment, talk to a therapist about your dental fear. Talk to the therapist about why you have the fear to help you overcome it. Is your fear due to the noise of the dental tools, fear of needing shots, fear of needing other dental work, or fear of the dentist wearing the mask? Get to the bottom of why you have the fear so you can get over it.

Try Sedation

Talk to your dentist about being sedated during your appointment. Some dentists may allow this, although your insurance company may not pay for it, so get all of the information ahead of time, so you aren't blind-sighted later with a large bill. Sedation may help, as you will be calm enough to get through the appointment and get the cleaning and checkup you need.

Talk To Your Dentist

Go to your appointment and express your fear to your dentist. Ask about options other than sedation or music that may be offered to help. Your dentist may be able to talk you through the appointment and let you know exactly what he is going to do before he does it to help keep you at ease. If you know what is happening and why it may help ease your fears and keep your anxiety levels down.

Communication is key if you have a dental fear. Talk to a dentist like Hughes Thomas R about your anxiety and figure out exactly why you have the fear so you can get over it and get to the dentist as needed.