Many people who think dental implants are a quick fix for missing teeth are surprised to learn how long the process takes. They are also surprised to learn how these cosmetic teeth are installed. If you are considering dental implants, there is a wealth of information you need to know.

It Can Take up to a Year to Install Implants

Dental implants are not like veneers; you do not go in and come out on the same day with new "teeth." Instead, you have an initial consultation. Then you have surgery that places titanium screws in your mouth.

The jawbones have to fuse with the titanium screws, which takes several months to accomplish while your body produces the bone cells to accomplish this. After your dentist that completed the surgery has confirmed that the bones have fused to the screws, then he/she has to make sure your gums have not grown over the tops of the titanium screws. Finally, your dentist manufactures the fake crowns that will pop into and over the titanium screw heads in your mouth.

Making Things Stay in Place

It is not easy to make these things stay where you want them. However, your dentist uses a dental bonding agent to keep the screws from falling out right after surgery. Then he/she uses stitches to enclose the gum tissue around the head ends of the screws for added support. More bonding cement is used to pop the fake crowns onto the ends of the screws until your gums have grown down over the tops of the crowns. When a very natural look has been achieved, your dental implants are considered a success. They will stay in place indefinitely unless you are punched in the mouth or experience some sort of trauma to the face.

Discuss Your Concerns with Your Dentist

As with any cosmetic procedure, you should discuss your concerns with your dentist. If you are worried about this procedure, there may be some alternatives that can still provide you with a full, natural-looking mouth of teeth. Otherwise, you can proceed with the dental implants knowing that your dentist knows exactly what he/she is doing. 

You should also know that pain, after surgery, is a factor. Yet, after a few weeks, you will not feel a thing at all. If the pain is a concern, you will be provided with some pain medication until your mouth feels better. Contact a dental office like Pittsburgh Dental Spa for more information and assistance.