If your child is going to be having sleepovers this summer, one thing that you might be worried about is your child not taking proper care of his or her teeth while they are away. These are a few tooth-friendly tips that you can keep in mind so that your child can focus on healthy teeth, even if he or she is not going to be spending the night at home.

1. Invest in an Extra Toothbrush and Tube of Toothpaste

First of all, it's a good idea to invest in an extra toothbrush and an extra tube of toothpaste that your child can bring along when going to sleepovers. Consider helping your child find a cool-looking toothbrush that he or she will be excited about showing off to friends; this can help you ensure that your child is motivated to brush his or her teeth. Another good idea is to look for a toothbrush that plays a song or otherwise specifies how long your child should be brushing his or her teeth; this will help ensure that your son or daughter knows how long to brush his or her teeth, even when you aren't there to supervise.

2. Send Along Healthy Snacks

If your child is going to be bringing along snacks to the sleepover, consider packing healthy, tooth-friendly snacks. For example, consider cutting up apples and carrots or other fruits and vegetables and sending them along in a small container; this can be a good way to share tasty snacks with your child and any other guests of the sleepover without sending food that could promote cavities, stain the teeth, or otherwise be less-than-healthy for the teeth or the rest of the body.

3. Provide a Reminder

If your child has a phone, consider adding a reminder into the phone or sending a text message to remind your child to brush their teeth before going to bed. If you are planning on calling your child to say goodnight while he or she is at the sleepover, this is a good time to provide this reminder as well.

As you can see, there are a few tooth-friendly tips that you can remember so that you can help your child maintain healthy teeth when going to a sleepover. If you keep these tips in mind, you can help ensure that your child remains focused on good oral health, regardless of where he or she might be spending the night. For more tips, you can contact dentists like John P Poovey DMD PC.