Did you have veneers put on your teeth and now they look so big and unnatural you try to hide them? If this sounds like you, consulting with a new cosmetic dentist is the best option. There are limitations on what the new cosmetic specialist can do to fix the problem, but great solutions that will make you proud to smile again.  

A consultation and evaluation will be the first step of the process. During the consult, ask about information pertaining to these dental changes to get a better smile.

Replacement with Implants

You may decide that you want to replace the veneers entirely with dental implants. All of the teeth that were filed and damaged to make room for the veneers will have to be removed. Implants are a life improving options for many reasons, including:

  • They can last your lifetime
  • Implants are fitted to fit the shape of your mouth
  • Coloring is white and looks natural
  • The implant protects the root of the tooth
  • Can still floss in between all teeth

If you don't want to extract the teeth that you have, or you want to try new veneers, then implants are the immediate choice for you. The process is a little longer, but worth the investment if are ready to make the change.

Changing the Veneers

Another set of veneers that are sized more accurately to fit your smile are an option. Talk with the cosmetic professional about what they can do to get you better veneers. Once the old veneers are taken off, you want to have your teeth cleaned and you want to have a deep tissue cleaning performed before you have other veneers put back on.

Until the new veneers that are sized to fit your mouth perfectly are created, the dentist and use some temporary options to cover up your dental imperfections. This is a fast solution to the problem, and if you decide you want implants later on it won't be a problem.

The great thing about both veneers and implants is that you are able to brush easily, and they are a healthy option for the mouth. If your veneers right now are the first thing that people notice when you smile or when they look at your mouth, then it's to make a change. Talk with a cosmetic dental professional like Kemper Pond Dental to see how the problems can be fixed, and what the healing time will be.