If you are missing a few teeth, your dentist may have informed you that you have a couple of options: you could get implants to replace the teeth that you are missing or you could get a dental bridge treatment. Both of these are excellent options, and both of the treatments have their advantages. While a lot of people do go with implants, dental bridges can be just as suitable for some patients. Are bridges better than implants? There are a few things to consider when you are trying to decide which teeth replacement option is best for your smile. 

Bridges can be a less-expensive option than implants. 

Dental implant procedures are surgical procedures that can require anaesthesia, sutures, and quite a bit of time and attention from the dentist performing the procedure. Therefore, implants can be rather costly, especially if you are replacing multiple teeth. A bridge is designed to take the place of a few teeth at one time, and there is no surgery involved. Therefore, the cost of getting a bridge tends to be substantially lower than the cost of getting implants to replace the same number of teeth. 

Bridges require less healing time than implants. 

A bridge is situated on the existing teeth and not inserted into the jawbone like an implant. This means that getting a bridge is not going to require a lot of healing time. It can take a few appointments before the permanent bridge is placed, but there are no disruptions to the soft tissues of the mouth so healing time is not usually anything to be concerned about. You can start eating with your new bridge right after placement. Of course, it can take a little time to get adjusted to how it feels in your mouth. 

Bridges may not be as long-lasting as implants. 

Because a dental bridge relies on the strength of the teeth that surround it instead of an implant, the fixture may not last as long as an implant with a crown in place. If the anchoring teeth start to deteriorate or get loose, the bridge will also be at risk of coming out or sustaining damage. Implants are placed in the jawbone, so they do not rely on other teeth to stay in place; only the bone. Therefore, one of the few downfalls of a bridge, when compared to an implant, is that a bridge may not last as long. 

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