Make this new year the one where you finally get serious about your dental health. Yes, that should, of course, include a regular check-up at the family dentist for you and every other member of your family, but far too many people don't keep their dental health at the top of their mind when they are between appointments. Here are some doable dental resolutions for the New Year.

Cut Down on Sugar Across the Board

Take a hard look at your pantry or your grocery shopping list. There's nothing wrong with satisfying your sweet tooth every once in a while, but if you are regularly coating your teeth with sugar through the various candies you eat or soda that you drink, you are not doing your mouth any favors. Try to look for options that can satisfy your cravings without causing cavities. Your kids might be harder to get on board with this plan, but set them up with healthy eating habits now and their dental and overall health will be improved for years to come.

Stop Biting Down on Things

Are you one of those people who likes to nibble on their fingernails when they are nervous? Perhaps you or someone in your family just loves to crunch ice instead of letting it melt in their mouth. Take a hard look at your daily habits and try to remove anything from your diet or lifestyle that might be causing needless wear and tear on your tooth enamel. Even if you don't have a clear problem like fingernail biting, you might be able to switch things up by putting soft snacks into the bowl in your living room instead of hard ones. Every little bit helps when it comes to preserving your teeth.

Stay on Top of Your Dental Care Game with New Supplies

When's the last time you switched out your toothbrush? How about purchasing dental floss or mouthwash? The ideal oral care routine uses a brush, floss and fluoride mouth rinse on a daily basis. If it's been a while since you've gotten a new brush, you will likely get one at your next family dentist appointment, but don't wait if you had not had a replacement in 3 months or more. A toothbrush can get a build-up of bacteria over time that makes it less likely that you'll actually be cleaning anything with it.

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