Have you been putting off your dental checkup because of the current pandemic, and feel that you are now long overdue? If so, you're likely wondering how things will be different when visiting the dentist. After all, they will be working in your mouth during your visit, so it is hard to stick to mask and social distancing guidelines to stay safe. Here is what you can expect during your dental checkup.

Wear A Mask When Possible

Even though you are going to have a dentist or hygienist working in your mouth, you'll still be asked to wear a mask whenever possible. There may be other people in the waiting room, office staff working the front desk, or other people in the building that you are exposed to. That's why you should still take the extra precaution and wear a mask when you are not having work done to your mouth.

Wait In Your Car Before Your Appointment

The dental office may be taking extra steps to limit the number of patients that are in the office at once. Expect the process of checking in to be a bit different as a result. You may end up having to call the office to let them know you are there but wait in your car until it is time for your appointment. This different way of waiting will avoid having people unnecessarily grouped together in the waiting room.

Adhere To Safety Protocols

You can expect to go through many of the standard safety protocols that many businesses are doing these days. This includes answering questions about recent activity and exposure, having your temperature taken, and using hand sanitizer before you enter the office. It's important that you are honest about questions being asked regarding recent exposure and travel because the office staff doesn't want to put anybody at risk unnecessarily.

Rinse With Peroxide

Dental offices are having patients rinse with a peroxide solution these days to help lower the amount of bacteria in your mouth. This will likely be one of the first things that you do when you sit in the chair prior to your exam starting. 

Have Different Equipment Used

If you were used to your dentist using the ultrasonic scaler to clean your teeth, know that they'll likely be switching to a hand scaler during the current pandemic. An ultrasonic scaler causes a lot of droplets to enter the air when it is being used, and the dental office may have decided that it is not worth the risk to use the ultrasonic scaler at this time. 

For more information about dental care, contact a local dental office.