Do you often feel that your smile could look better if that crooked front tooth was fixed? You need a cosmetic dental procedure. In this procedure, the dentist works to make your dental arrangement look attractive. Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond restoring dental functionality to ensuring you have the perfect smile. Here are some common elective cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

Teeth Whitening 

Your teeth will lose some of their whiteness over years of use. Your dietary and recreational habits have a big impact on the color of the teeth. For example, prolonged smoking and chewing tobacco can stain your teeth to a brownish hue. Some medication also stains the teeth. Your teeth will get deposits of hardening food debris called tartar, which remains after regular brushing. This tartar causes gum disease. 

During teeth whitening, the dentist does dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. Removing the tartar will restore teeth whiteness. But the dentist can also apply a bleaching agent if you need them a bit whiter. The dentist can do this procedure in one session. 

Dental Veneers 

Your teeth will see wear and tear as you grow older. They can chip or crack from biting into hard objects. Your natural dental arrangement may have uneven spacing or crooked teeth. Sometimes, stains on your teeth will not respond to teeth whitening. Discolored teeth from using high fluoride water in the early years of life do not respond well to whitening. 

Dental veneers are very thin membranes that cover your tooth's enamel to hide imperfections. They are made of very thin medical-grade ceramic (porcelain) or plastic composite. The veneer is custom-made to fit each tooth perfectly. It has the effect of making your teeth look white, aligned, and shapely. Your smile becomes perfect. 

Composite Bonding 

Composite bonding is an easy and painless procedure in cosmetic dentistry. It aims to fix chips, cracks, and decay in a tooth. It can also fix worn edges and crowns and close small gaps between teeth. The dentist covers the damage using a 'filler' material that resembles your tooth's enamel. The added material shapes your teeth to the desired form. 

In the procedure, the dentist will start by cleaning the teeth. They will then apply the composite material and cure it using light. The material adheres to your teeth permanently.   

Would you like to restore your confident smile? Talk to a dentist about your cosmetic dentistry options today.