When teeth are badly stained, whitening them without the help of a dentist can be difficult to achieve. This is because many of the toothpaste products available in stores are not potent enough to remove the stains. If you are looking for stronger teeth whitening kits, you can find specialized products from online stores or from specialized companies.

However, if you've exhausted your other options or want to start with professional assistance from the beginning, you can consult with a dentist. While a dentist can perform whitening procedures in their office, you may prefer to have them provide you with a professionally-sourced, whitening kit customized for you to use at home. 

Why Use a Customized Kit?

A customized whitening kit is created specifically for your teeth, which means that it will be more effective for you than the kits that are sold in stores. The kit will contain custom dental trays that you will have to place on your teeth along with a special product that will be supplied by the dentist. The product will likely contain hydrogen peroxide, but in larger amounts than what is found in the general toothpaste products sold in stores. Large amounts of carbamide peroxide can be found in some of the products that dentists use for whitening teeth as well. While the product whitens your teeth, the dental trays will help the product remain on your teeth while preventing it from spreading to other areas of your mouth, such as the gums.

How Does a Dentist Create a Customized Kit?

A dentist will perform a general exam before creating the whitening kit. He or she will look at the condition of your teeth and gums to determine if you need any treatment before moving forward with the whitening process and whether any special considerations should be taken into account to protect your teeth and mouth's health. To make the customized dental trays, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth using putty. The impressions will then be sent to professionals in a laboratory who will create the dental trays and return them to your dentist. The dentist will then provide you with a kit that includes the customized dental trays, whitening agent, and he or she will explain how the kit should be used at home.

How Long Do You Need to Perform the Treatment?

Unlike when using some of the milder products available in stores, it doesn't take months on end for teeth to slowly whiten when you use a customized kit. It is common for the kits to be used for two weeks, but it will depend on the extent of whitening that is needed specifically for your teeth. You should also be prepared to wear the dental trays for at least two hours per day during the whitening process, but the time may vary depending on which dentist you go to and what treatment they determine should be used on your teeth.