How To Save A Knocked-Out Tooth

Tooth avulsions (or knocked-out teeth) are among the most common dental emergencies in the United States. In both children and adults, over 5 million teeth are knocked out due to injuries caused by accidents, contact sports and general roughhousing. Fortunately, a knocked-out tooth doesn’t mean the end for your perfect smile. If you act quickly […]

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College: Good For Your Social Life, Bad For Your Teeth

Most college students are well aware of the Freshman 15, a term that describes the weight gain many young adults experience during their first (and subsequent) years at university. What they may not know is the college experience can also have a negative effect on their oral health. Here’s more information about this and what […]

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Is Dental Tourism A Good Way To Avoid Cosmetic Dentistry Bills?

Thousands of people in the United States undergo cosmetic dental procedures every year. Teeth whitening, veneers and fillings are all popular types of cosmetic dentistry, but these procedures are seldom cheap. People who want cosmetic treatment will often have to find ways to fund the cost of treatment privately, so it’s unsurprising that the promise […]

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Ask Your Dentist: Should You Buy A Toothbrush Sanitizer?

Dentists recommend that you clean your teeth for at least 120 seconds twice a day. Good brushing techniques protect your teeth and gums, but it’s also important to choose and use the right products. Toothbrush sanitizers are increasingly popular with consumers, but many people are unsure if they need to invest in these gadgets. Find out […]

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4 Reasons A Dental Implant Might Fail

A dental implant is an alternative to bridges or removable dentures in which artificial teeth are anchored to the jawbone by way of surgery. This process is a more effective and considered more aesthetically pleasing than the alternatives. However, Like all oral surgical procedures, there is a definite risk involved with receiving a dental implant. […]

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What You Need To Know About One-Day Dental Crowns

Whether you’ve just had a root canal or, you’re tooth has shattered because of a large, weakened filling, dental crowns are necessary to protect the tooth and prevent it from needing to be pulled. Most dental crown treatments, however, require a few visits and a long waiting period while the crown is crafted in the […]

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